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The video game industry

Is booming with continued revenue and is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Video game engagement continues to rise and this could mean huge returns for investors interested in the gaming space. Technological advancements will only continue to help grow the gaming landscape, and developers will continue to capitalize on this recurring revenue industry. It is estimated that gamers will spend around $138 billion in 2019 – and studies show that the industry has had a 13% year over year increase, equal to an extra $16.2 billion per year. INKGames has over decades of combined industry experience, allowing them to visualize, and capitalize on the ever growing video game industry.

Reports show that the gaming industry

is even bigger than the Hollywood entertainment scene.

Gross video game sales have beat the box office for over 20 years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, the video game industry is so large that it has earned more revenue than the movie and music industry combined every year for nine years. In April of 2018 The Avengers: Infinity War premiered and became the highest grossing box office release ever earning over $257 million when it opened. Just 5 years prior, Grand Theft Auto V was released earning over $800 million the day it was released, and ultimately grossed $6 billion becoming the most successful entertainment title in history.


the digital gaming platform branch of tech company InfluenceINK,

Is focused on the building of digital gaming environments that attracts users via a mix of not only money earning, but entertainment and rich connections. Thanks to the drive, multi-dimensional, and competitive approach of our founding team and leaders, INKGames is on the fast track to becoming one of the most used and lucrative video game platforms in the entire world
About 30% of consumers in the United States pay for a video game subscription service, and over 40% say they play video games weekly. Thanks to technological advancements, the number of people who play video games on mobile devices has skyrocketed from just 70% in 2015 to 80% in 2019 – a huge jump for a 4 year span. Twitch, essentially a Youtube style game streaming and viewing service, reports over 15 million daily users. Video game phenomenon, Fortnite, reports over 250 million players in the spring of 2019 – just two years after the title was released.

It is undeniable that the gaming space

is a lucrative one and INKGames is excited to launch a one-of-a-kind experience in the video game landscape.

One that will change the way gamers, and video game influencers utilize video games for years to come. Introducing World of Influence, INKGames first title to be released in 2019. World of Influence is a virtual world-building experience where users own zip codes and landmarks on a growing, global map. Owners are rewarded for every user, and every activity that occurs within their territory via obtaining more territories, and compensation as they connect with other players from around the globe.

Every asset, location, and activity

creates daily revenue for players. Similar to the real world, assets and locations are rare and more valuable the more scarce they are.

Players are continuously given incentive via rewards and revenue generating opportunities. This helps to expand users networks within the World of Influence, thereby growing earning potential and improving the overall gaming experience.

Our primary revenue generating activities include:

Subscription Packages

Users can pay for monthly subscription packages Read More


INKGames earns a percentage on every dollar Read More

Postal Code Purchasing

Player earnings are increased for users that own digital real estate.

Auction and Trade

Limited and valuable assets help create  Read More

These benefit players as INKGames

pays millions of users to grow the largest gaming networks in the world.

It is a first-of-its-kind infrastructure that connects, and compensates millions of influencers and gamers for in-game activities and user referrals. Video game users are already spending billions of hours and dollars on games, digital assets, virtual loot and in-game recognition, but these purchases typically have no tangible value in the real world. INKGames is disrupting this traditional model of gaming with our new model. We incentivize users to join the game, invite other users and get paid in real world currencies for the virtual assets, and points they acquire as well as the activities they perform within the game.
INKGames sees the need to bring a gamified, global platform to influencers and gamers that want, and deserve, to monetize their social following. World of Influence will be the first of many games that INKGames is poised to offer its loyal users. Through it all, we continuously strive to create interactive games fostering new connections and ongoing revenue earning potential.

INKGames revenue projections show that we are expected to earn…

$120 million

in monthly subscriptions by year two

$14 million

in digital upgrades by year two

$4.9 million

in microtransactions by year two

INKGames team

is made up of an accomplished group of video gamers, marketers, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors amongst others.

Their diverse experience, and success across multiple platforms gives them a unique perspective on the video gaming landscape, and where it is headed. Notable team accomplishments include launching EA into the social gaming space, the development of EA’s Casino, the launch and sale of Diluted Studios (Ultimately acquired by Zynga leading to the release of Zynga Slots), and the founding of Buffalo Studios, the creator of Bingo Blitz – the industry’s leading virtual bingo game for over 7 years.
INKGames founder, Robert Towles, is a successful consumer product and mobile gaming industry entrepreneur and investor with multi-million dollar business sales. Robert has been a lead investor in the mobile gaming space, one of which generated 2.7 MAU’s before executing a $100+ million exit to Caesars Interactive Entertainment. Prior to this, he lead the launch and growth of a 70,000 user business platform generating $50 million in sales in the highly competitive health and fitness market.