World Of Influence

INK Games has created a new networking map that is considered to be a first of its kind. Through a gaming platform called World of Influence, game influencers can finally earn money while doing what they love: gaming!

World of Influence invites you to jump in and build your following by purchasing virtual property, collecting assets and inviting friends to join. As a game influencer, you likely have a significant amount of followers on social media. The influence that you have over your following is impressive! If they see you trying out something new, they are likely to do the same. This works for you, for us and for them!

Here’s how it works:

World of Influence is the virtual version of the real world. In real life, you make investments. In World of Influence, you make investments. For example, if you want to buy a new house, you earn the money and pay for the new house. That house is then your property and you’ve made a significant investment! World of Influence sells property in terms of “zip codes”. Technically, you are purchasing the real life zip code area but own it ONLY in the World of Influence game. However, unlike the game of Monopoly, you pay for your virtual property with real world money.

To start, you sign in to the World of Influence and search for your zip code. If it’s available, meaning that it’s not owned, then you can purchase the zip code for a certain price. (Again, this is purchased with your real life money.) Once you own the zip code virtually, you can invite all your friends and followers to join the game. For every person that lives, in real life, in your zip code, you will earn points for their activity. These points will determine how much you get paid at the end of the month!

Obviously, there is more to the game than just purchasing property and encouraging others to join. Once you invite people to join, they can connect you to THOUSANDS of others. Your map, which is the property that you own, can be connected to other maps by dates. This concept is similar to how you connect to people through social media platforms except it’s in the World of Influence and you get COMPENSATED for it!

In addition to purchasing and owning zip code property, connecting with others and building your platform, World of Influence also allows you to purchase, sell and trade virtual assets. Users can purchase assets as low as $.5 to as high as $5! For example, you may purchase a “Hunter” asset that works to connect you with other maps. The more maps that you can connect to, the more activity you can build and the more money you can earn.

Why is INK Games interested in paying game influencers?

We understand your curiosity. This isn’t a fraudulent game that promises the world (literally) and then falls out of a promise while walking away with the entire harvest. At INK Games, we have recognized the value in game influencers. Why would we pay for more traditional advertising when the most effective advertising may be through someone like you who works tirelessly and passionately to win over people to certain games? Influencers are already masters at persuading large groups of people to try out new games, to remain loyal to other games and to simply enjoy the game for what it is. The passion for the game is raw and genuine. INK Games loves that! It’s an honor to provide a gaming network that allows us to not only pay influencers for their gaming skills and tremendous persuasion on the population but to welcome fun and adventure!

INK Games simplifies it like this:

1. Game influencers on World of Influence are paid for their viral connections to the world.

2. Loyalty is created by paying gamers to participate in the World of Influence.

3. INK Games pays gamers on a monthly schedule in exchange for their loyalty and influence on the game.

4. This simple recipe ensures that the World of Influence platform steadily grows.

If this is something that you are interested in and want to learn more about, then check us out! If you need guidance on where to get started at, follow the steps below:

1. Visit our website and subscribe to one of our plans. This activates your World of Influence game on the map.

2. Invite everyone you know and don’t know to join by sharing the link in which we give you upon sign-up. Be sure to share this link on ALL of your social media platforms! At this point, it’s a great time to start collecting those virtual assets. They start to accrue from your World of Influence invitations.

3. Remember that the more zip codes and virtual assets that you accrue on your map, the more points you will earn. INK Games has designed a first-of-its-kind network that keeps track of all connections, activity and points during the game.

4. The more points and virtual assets that you can in a month’s time, the more that you’ll be compensated at the end of the month!

It is with great pleasure that INK Games welcomes you to World of Influence! Where the excitement and adventure begin and earning money has never been easier! Check it out today so you can claim and purchase YOUR zip code area before someone else beats you to it! (And might we also add that you can purchase more than one zip code.) By joining the World of Influence team today, you will make history as one of the first gaming influences to get paid to play games and have fun.

We look forward to you joining our gaming network and are appreciative of your hard work and loyalty to gaming. Be the one to lead others to an escape from the real world for adventure in the virtual world. See you there!